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Now in its branch of industry, "Kurganstalmost" is the leading enterprise in terms of quantity of production output.






Kurganstalmost JSC is a specialized enterprise manufacturing steel superstructures for bridges

Kurganstalmost JSC is the largest of six enterprises, forming the system of Russian joint-stock company Mostostroyindustria of the Transstroy Corporation. The territory of the main building of the enterprise is 75 thousand square meters. It combines the whole production run from supply of metal and to the finished goods shipment.

The main production of the enterprise is metal superstructures of different purposes including:

— steel superstructures of bridge spans of all types (railway, combined and pedestrian bridges);
— metalware (bolts, nuts, washers, screws), including highly strong;
— mill-cut steel fibre used as filling agent for steel-fibre-concrete;
— steel sheet piling panels used for the hydrotechnical constructions;
— steel structures for the constructions of industrial buildings and dwelling houses;
— large-diameter pipes for culverts;
— some types of special technological equipment;
— MBG-12 and MBG-24 drilling-rigs.

Now Kurganstalmost JSC is the leading enterprise in its industry in terms of production output. Its production capacity is more than 50 thousand tons of steel superstructures per year. Highway, railway and combined bridges and some other products of the enterprise are used in many regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, the Baltic States, Turkey, Laos and other states.

Contribution of Kurganstalmost JSC team to the development of the country transport system is manufacturing steel superstructures for railway, pedestrian, road and combined bridges. Beautiful sophisticated engineering constructions of Kurganstalmost joined the banks of the Dnepr, the Pripyat, the Kama, the Irtysh, the Ob, and the Belaya.

Modern know-how, progressive designing developments and technologies allows increasing the efficiency effect of manufacture process and guarantees production output which corresponds to quality, reliability and durability standards.

In order to establish firm positions in the Russian market, to create positive image and to increase possibilities to enter foreign market, the management of the enterprise decided to create a system of quality management which will correspond to the demands of ISO 9000 international standards. In 2000 a certificate of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance was issued. In 2003 a repeated certification audit of Lloyd’s Register was held and the certificate of correspondence of the quality management system of the enterprise to the demands of the new standard ISO 9001 - 2000 version – was issued.

The enterprise possesses DVC ZERT certificate which confirms that manufacturing steel superstructures for bridges meets quality requirements according to European norms DINEN 729-2:1994. The certificate has been issued by German Certification Body Deutscher Akkreditiorungs Rat (DAR).
There are no successful results and achievements of the enterprise without common goal for its workers. The Kurganstalmost JSC team includes honored workers of the industry, professionals with academic and scientific degrees, and workers with governmental and state rewards.

Stability of manufacture and the great amount of work load ensures keeping and widening the enterprise team. Labor traditions are deeply honored and revered, family dynasties are powerful. Children and grandchildren work here with their mothers and fathers. Four Great Patriotic War veterans are now retired; nine veterans of Afghan War are still working here, twelve young men — veterans of Chechen War.

The management and trade committee pay great attention to life and rest of workers. A gym with the sauna was built by a group of enthusiasts with the support of the enterprise management on the territory of the plant. There is different training equipment in the gym; sauna and different types of showers give excellent opportunity for having rest, keeping cultural and entertaining activities.

The boating traditions are flourished at the enterprise. They are based on the enthusiasm of the spearhead of workers, supported by the trade union committee of the enterprise. The summer vacation of the workers and their children is full of unforgettable tours, trips and journeys. Management of the enterprise sponsors these activities. The enterprise doesn't have its own holiday village, therefore the rooms in summer camps for workers and their children are rented. Sport days and «healthy days» are regularly kept at the enterprise territory. Cross-country races, relay races, tugs-of-war, weight-lifting sport attract many participants and fans.

Kurganstalmost JSC is the main sponsor of «Zauralye» hockey team of Major League.

The main goal of the enterprise for today and for the future is the development of business cooperation with partners and consolidation of the economic status.



Register Lloyd repeated certified audit was successfully terminated in 2003

Now in its branch of industry, "Kurganstalmost" is the leading enterprise in terms of quantity of production output.

The production of the enterprise is mil-cut steel fibre used as filling agent for steel-fibre-concrete

The production of the enterprise is steel sheet piling panels used for hydrotechnical constructions
The production of the enterprise is metalware (bolts, nuts, washers, screws); including highly strong
The production of the enterprise is large-diameter pipes for culverts
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